Sometimes the world of Acting can be a daunting place especially when you are first starting out. Like any profession, there is a ladder to climb with many ways to go about it. I, like many people, found it confusing thinking about which way to turn for many years. Acting training can be where a lot of people get stumped and never move on from there.

Even professionals are having a tough time getting their head around new trends. For established Actors, these are interesting times: streaming services, reality TV and decreasing Theatre tickets. The changes in the way people behave have a big impact on the entertainment industry. As a wonderful songwriter once wrote: “The times they are a changing.” However, with the right education, you stand a much better chance. Acting training comes in all shapes, sizes, and costs and you have a lot of options.

Drama School


This is the option that this website specializes in and the one that is covered in the most detail. A three or two-year degree in Acting at an accredited Drama school is a great way to get foundational knowledge in the industry. It is a tried and tested method that has produced some outstanding Actors. Acting training rarely comes in a form that is as well respected and thorough as Drama school.

You have to make sure that the industry is something for you. Becoming an Actor is something that requires a huge amount of dedication and not something to be taken lightly. If, however, you have settled on that unbending determination then Drama school is an option that will stand you in good stead.

How to get into Drama school

Downsides to Drama School


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past five years you will know about student fees. I would recommend you really have a think about whether you are willing to take this burden on board. I say that because debt is a burden. Student debt is different to a mortgage and it isn’t something you will have to pay back unless you earn over a certain amount.

However, it is something that you should ask about and research thoroughly before diving into it. Just because there are some downsides doesn’t mean it is a no-go. Weigh up the options and do your research! That advice goes for just about any decision really.

1-on-1 Teaching


There is nothing quite like the fantastic advice you can receive from when you have a one on one session with a really good Acting teacher. Some of the best nuggets of gold I have ever received have been from those teachers who knew me well. That can only be gained from a few sessions one on one.

It can be quite intimidating, especially if it is someone you do not know. Acting is quite a personal thing and it can feel like you’re baring your soul to strangers at times. However, constructive criticism is the only way you can improve so you might just have to bare the awkwardness at first.

Downside to 1 on 1


The only downside to this is that it can be quite expensive. When I was training to be an Actor I did save up for a couple of one on one teaching classes but I couldn’t do more than a few. The cost really does add up, especially if you are getting lessons from great teachers. My advice would be to not bust your bank on Acting lessons. Make sure you can eat and have a laugh before you start spending all your money on lessons.



As well as a three-year training, getting a degree, I also took classes with other Actors. As a child, I took classes at Saturday school and camps and nowadays I take evening classes to top up my skills. For you, this could mean Saturday school, evening classes or holiday camps.

If you really want to do this as a vocation then I would recommend doing much more intense training. Drama school is one of those examples that really cannot be substituted. The closest you will get is classes with other aspiring Actors.

Classes are more cost-effective acting training than one on one classes. They are also often used when people go on longer three or two-year courses. If you can’t afford the fees of Drama school or one on one training then signing up to a quality weekly class may be the best decision you ever make!

Online Training


Sometimes you haven’t got the time to book in classes and for some people, Drama school is not a viable option. You may not live in a city where there is a lot of cultures or you may not have access to the resources. Acting training, as I said before, comes in all shapes and sizes. Online training is the newest and most exciting way to find out if you have what it takes to be an Actor.

We have a lot of options on this website but I don’t want to try and flog you a product unless you really are motivated to do it. Online training is a great substitute and supplement for Acting training but it is something that you have to be dedicated to doing.




What I would recommend to those people just starting out and even those veteran Actors reading is to try all of these. Often those people who do well in the arts are those that really know themselves and you only get that by trying out new things.

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