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Getting started in acting means getting a lot of material together. That material needs to be top notch. The headshots and footage you send to agents and casting directors are your version of a CV . To be a successful actor you need – at a bare minimum:

  • Colour headshot/s: these need to be high quality, a good representation of you and able to catch a casting directors eye. They are the first thing casting directors to look at and judge you by.

  • Short showreel: it needs to show a casting director that you can act and ideally show them the bredth of different parts that you can play. If you have broadcast quality footage then that’s an advantage but at the minimum the footage needs to be HD. No longer than two minutes.¬†

We offer a no-obligation quote for headshots and showreel services in London, NYC, LA – and major cities in the UK.

If you wanted to look at other areas then you also need a commercial voice reel, narrative voice reel and maybe a clip of you singing. On top of that, some actors invest in DSLR cameras to film themselves doing self-tapes… but don’t worry about that for now.

If you are an actor, you live in a major city and want to speak further on getting quote for headshots then please fill out this form below so that we can get in touch and discuss further. 

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