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Webinars are some of the best ways to learn the fundamentals of any skill. A lot of people struggle with the static nature of reading a book and a lot of the time people like the sense of community that a classroom style of learning can offer.


What we normally do is we record the webinar live for the people that are awake at the time (remember that people from all over the world want to learn the fundamentals of Acting) and then we send over the recordings for those people who were fast asleep at the time.

Webinars are our way of reaching out to our members and our readers to keep them up-to-date with the best information and doing it in an engaging and thoughtful way.

If this interests you then you can sign up below and we will keep you up-to-date with the live recordings and also send you over the replays afterwards. The Webinars will include some free information and also some information on our upcoming product “12 Steps to Acting Success.”

For those of you who sign up or if you want any more free nuggets then head over to our article series which cover some points on agents, acting, advice and many other subjects from A to Z.

12 Steps to Acting Success

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How to get an agent 101

Getting an agent can be the ultimate catch 22 situation. I used to get really frustrated when thinking about the issue. I used to rail at other people in the industry and feel like I was bashing my head against a brick wall. How do you get an agent? If you don't have...

Headshots for drama school

You do not need professional headshots when you are applying to Drama school. Most of the time they will be satisfied with a passport style photo. I would recommend trying to keep costs low so I suggest paying for a batch in a photo-booth and then keeping them stashed...

Audition tips & tricks for actors

While Acting cannot be tackled successfully with tidbits there are a few things that really help when it comes to crunch time. As I have said in other articles - Audition technique 101 - small things can make a big difference. A good mindset and a proper technique can...

How to get into drama school

This article and the ebook produced by HowtoDrama.com is meant to give information to those aspiring Actors who really want to get into the Drama school of their choice. I would recommend reading this to the very end and if you take this seriously then get the book....

Audition technique 101

This website specialises for those Aspiring Actors who want to audition for Drama school. However, this article "audition Technique 101" can be applied to any Actor or performer. Mindset and attitude are absolutely vital when putting yourself under pressure. Getting...

How to not forget your lines

How to not forget your lines?" is one of the biggest questions I get asked about by people who are applying to Drama school or for those people who want to improve their audition technique. Veterans and newbies alike all want to know how to not forget lines. I...

12 Steps to Acting Success

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