Rose Bruford was founded in 1950 and was the first drama school in the UK to pioneer a degree in acting during the ’70s. Back in the day, it had none other than Laurence Olivier as a member of its board. Over the years they have significantly expanded their facilities on their premises in Sidcup and they’ve got a stellar reputation within the industry. In this article, we cover what areas Rose Bruford excels at and what students should expect when applying.

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Strengths of Rose Bruford

What stands out, when reviewing the Undergraduate degrees for Rose Bruford, is the breadth of different courses. They cater to the standard BA in Acting like most schools but they also have some very specialist skills added to the mix. Notice that they have a degree in Actor Musicianship which is a niche that sorely needs expanding in the modern world of theatre.

The National Theatre has hundreds of examples of featuring actors that play a musical instrument. One of the most successful productions in recent years was “One Man, Two Guvnors” which featured numerous actors playing musical instruments.

This is an example of the strength of Rose Bruford, they cater to actors with specialist skills and interests. The courses such as European Theatre, American Theatre, and their masterclasses have got glowing reviews from students. They do not always translate into the industry – after all casting directors don’t usually differentiate between degrees – but the satisfaction for the students is high.

Apart from that, they also have a solid alumni of students that have taken the more traditional courses in acting and musical theatre. From speaking to students there is also a lot of cross pollination in training and vocational resources.

What the audition is like

Rose Bruford is situated in Sidcup which is on the outskirts of London and in between a rural and urban area. If you are able to get to central London – Waterloo to be precise – then the main station is only 40 minutes away. If you’re traveling from outside of London and using public transport then you’ll most likely have to travel into the city center and then make your way directly to Rose Bruford.

Rose Bruford has a friendly reputation for those students who apply to their course. Like all the UK drama schools you will need to prepare a contemporary speech as well as a classical speech. Make sure that your speeches are below 2 minutes long and we recommend that you do some research into quality speeches. More information can be found in our publicationn or free email series.

Things to consider

The main point to consider with Rose Bruford is that it’s an example of a drama school that isn’t based in central London but nor is it far away from a major city. There are other schools which are objectively based in the middle of nowhere as well as those that are firmly based in central London.

The cost of living as well as the student experince needs to be taken into account whenever you are considering studying at a specific drama school. Rose Bruford is one of those schools that has a good balance between being close to London but not so central that it costs a fortune to house and feed yourself.

As with all our articles we reccomend that you thoroughly research any school before you apply.

Where to apply

Rose Bruford uses UCAS when you’re applying to their acting courses. You can access the UCAS website here: UCAS.

  • Institution code: R51
  • Course code: W410

It doesn’t make a huge difference whether schools use their own internal recruiting system or UCAS but it can be more comforting to know that they use a regulated system like UCAS. More information on accreditation can be seen in our article: Accredited Drama Schools in the UK.


Rose Bruford features on our Top Ten Drama Schools of 2020 and in fact is #9 on our list. We ranked the school there because of their high student satisfaction and their clear dedication to investing in their facilities and students.

For those who are applying to drama school it is a great comfort to know that the course you are applying for is accredited and the instituion enjoys a good reputation. Rose Bruford is undoubtedly one of those high-level institutions. The quality staff and investment in the facilities has made is a growing source of great graduates in the industry.

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