John Byrne is one of the most prolific writers working in partnership with The Stage magazine. He is the publications career adviser but also a writer, performer, cartoonist and broadcaster who has enjoyed a long career in the industry. At the date of writing this on 18th February 2020 John has written 689 articles on The Stage and his long-standing “Careers Clinic” is one of the most popular columns that appear in the magazine.


You can see all of John’s articles on The Stage here: and we really encourage all students and young actors to give them a read.

Conor (head editor at spent a good half an hour listening to John talking about multiple subjects that affect:

  • Young actors who are up-and-coming in the industry.

  • Students applying to drama school in the UK and abroad this year.

  • Young professional actors who are looking to further their career and prepare for a sustainable career.

Please share this with friends, colleagues and industry professionals who would no doubt find John’s words of wisdom helpful!


Time Stamps

01.08 – How important is drama school today for young actors?

04.20 – How to pick the right drama school training for actors. (You’ve got to shop around and find the best training for you!)

07.30 – Thoughts on self-tapes for actors preparing for auditions.

08.20 – How to prepare for drama school auditions. (The difference between industry and drama school auditions).

12.20 – How to develop a sense of who you are as an actor.

18.35 – What to do if you don’t get into drama school? What to do when you face a setback. (Read John’s articles!)

22.45 – How to prepare for a long career in acting.


A great place to follow John is on his Twitter and a great place for further study is to read his articles on The Stage here:


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