Do UK drama schools take foreign students?

Yes. Not only are foreign students welcome and encouraged to audition for the top UK drama schools but faculty often travel in order to host auditions. Many of the schools that feature on our top ten drama schools have teachers that tour cities across the world. If you want to know whether a particular school host auditions in your city then we recommend you check on their website.

Is there an association that accredits UK drama schools?

There is no association that accredits all the UK drama schools on the quality of their courses. The closest thing you’ll get to a universal association is the Federation of Drama Schools or the FDS.

More information can be seen on our page: accredited drama schools in the UK.

Is studying at drama school good value for money?

It depends on which course you apply for and what your goals are. Undoubtedly there have been many succesful actors who attribute their success to drama school. However, on the contrary, there are many actors who have been successful despite the fact they never attended formal education.

It also depends on how much you pay. Students who study in Scotland or Wales that are residence in those countries pay less than English students studying at the same universities – I have no idea why this is legal. Furthermore, students that are foreign will pay a higher tuition fee on average unless the university or college offers scholarships.

Do professional actors have to train at drama school?

No. There is no requirement that actors have to train at a higher education institution or drama school. In the profession you’ll often find trained actors working alongside untrained actors and many people cannot tell the difference. Acting is a profession with no set career trajectory or roadmap.

Do agents value actors who train at drama school?

Whilst training at a quality drama school many course directors will try to persuade agents to attend showcase sessions. Through these sessions agents assess the talent and desirability of the cohort and often make offers based on those performances. Agents may take unsolicited applications from those who have since graduated drama school or have professional experience.

Whilst having a drama school associated with your application to an agency is helpful it isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get represetnation. This is true of all aspects of the industry.