About HowtoDrama

Conor McGrath is the head editor of HowtoDrama.com and one of the founding members of the company that created a lot of the initial content in 2015. Conor regularly reviews all the free articles on the website and has taken a key role in content creation, marketing, and growth of the company. Since its inception, Conor and HowtoDrama.com have grown into a key player in publishing great content, delivering value and shaking up the world of online resources for Actors.

Often Acting can be shrouded in confusion and sometimes secrecy because of the amount of gatekeepers and grey areas in the industry. Conor’s goals in writing and contributing to content produced by HowtoDrama.com is to make sure that those who want to gain the right information can have it.

Acting can be such a fulfilling and wonderful career for those who manage to make it a vocation. It is more than just a profession and for those that make it can become a lifelong craft that brings such joy and fulfillment.


HOWTODRAMA.com has produced two books which cover everything that needs to be known about the craft of Acting and also the process of applying and getting into Drama school. The company is dedicated to providing the best knowledge for those people who truly aspire to make the craft of Acting their profession.

We have a creative team, contributors as well as editors who research and collaborate to create the best content. This book was 3 years in the making and came about from that process within the team.

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Getting into drama school – Howtodrama.com guide

How to Get into Drama Shool: 4 Modules, from someone who’s done it themselves