Acting headshots 101: what actors must know

Whether you're just starting out as an actor or if you're a seasoned veteran headshot are essential! Actors need to know what casting directors are looking for when they're scrolling through headshots. The problem is that many people think they can cut corners. This...

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How to not forget your lines

How to not forget your lines is the most popular questions I get asked about by actors. Whether they're people who are applying to drama school, students or pros. Veterans and newbies alike all want to know how to not forget lines. I remember there is a great quote...

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Accredited drama schools in the UK

When you are applying to an institution you want to know that you are going to get a base level of quality. I, myself, wanted to know that my education would be at an "accredited" school. Acting training can be very expensive and I wanted to know that I was going to...

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How to get an agent 101

Getting an agent can be the ultimate catch 22 situation. In order to prove to an agent that you are worth taking onto their books then they need to see you perform. However, how do you get an audition if you don't have an agent? I used to get really frustrated when...

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Basics of performing Shakespeare – finding the speech

When you are applying to drama school most schools will request that you learn at least one "Classical" piece. Although you'll be able to choose Webster, Marlowe, Jonson and other contemporaries it is most likely that you'll be performing a speech from Shakespeare....

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Audition tips & tricks for actors

While Acting cannot be tackled successfully with tidbits there are a few things that really help when it comes to crunch time. As I have said in other articles - Audition technique 101 - small things can make a big difference. A good mindset and a proper technique can...

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